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Sag, Aftra, AEA
There are a great many things I could tell you about myself.  I was once in the ... Wait a minute, that’s a line from a play I was in once, no twice, no three times (The Fantasticks - 1. Hucklebee, 2. Bellamy, 3. Mortimer)

Yes I’m an actor. I’ve portrayed everything from a brigand (Tajomaru in “Roshomon”) to the epitome of innocence (Charlie Brown in “You’re a Good Man...”)

For over 30 years, I have been performing throughout North America on stage, in film and on  television. New England stage appearances include performances at Merrimack Rep, the New Rep, the Charles Playhouse and many other venues.

This year celebrates twenty years of my Stars Science Theater programs on astronomy, for school assemblies, library programs and museum special events. With my Stars Science Theater programs, I hope to enhance astronomy curriculum enrichment through living history theater.
New Hampshire Sweeps
Galileo impersonator Mike Francis
The Stargazer's Apprentice
The Coach
The Worker
The Salesman
Mike Francis as Ubu Roi
From the set of Fathers (original title Working the Line)
The Family, Diane Gioseffi , Michelle Romano, Mike Francis
Ride to school, Mike Francis, Michelle Romano
Yard work, Mike Francis, Michelle Romano
Where were you?, Michelle Romano, Mike Francis
Yes?, Mike Francis, Michelle Romano
Between takes, Mike Francis, Dianne Gioseffi, Michelle Romano
Screen Actors Guild
Actors Equity Association
Michael T Francis actor/educator
Organizations I belong to.
Mike Francis, Newton, MA
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